Texas Senate GOP Caucus Wants Rights of All Students to Be Respected

May 23, 2016

Austin – The Texas Senate Republican Caucus has released an open letter, signed by every Caucus member, to Texas school district superintendents and trustees in regards to the recently released “Dear Colleague” letter from the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education outlining “significant guidance” to school districts on allowing students to use the bathroom of their “gender identity”, defined as an individual’s “internal sense of gender.” The Texas Senate GOP Caucus has urged all school districts throughout the State to ignore this letter until questions of its legality are resolved. When asked to defend his statements, President Obama stated in an interview that this guidance letter was their “best judgment” on how to address the issue.

“We believe this issue should be addressed by using common sense and the best judgment on the part of the parties involved in a specific case, respecting the rights and privacy of ALL the children who might be affected,” said Senator Joan Huffman.

In their letter, the Department of Education’s and the Department of Justice’s interpretations of sex discrimination include not only an individual’s biological sex, but also an individual’s “internal sense of gender.” However, of the thirty-five legal footnotes provided in the document, not a single one substantiates this claim. There has been no federal law enacted or Supreme Court ruling to provide a legal basis for this overreach.

“In what has become the new normal, the White House has attempted to unilaterally write law,” said Caucus Chairman Paul Bettencourt. “Of the thirty-five legal footnotes used to support the letter, not one supports the idea that Title IX applies to a student’s transgender status or internal sense of gender identity. There has been no federal law passed and no Supreme Court ruling that would justify the President’s attempt to unilaterally change how bathrooms at educational facilities are used.”

For a complete statement of the Texas Senate GOP Caucus’ position please refer to the attached letter.

Texas GOP Caucus Letter Gender ID

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The time to act is now! Everyday Texans are being taxed out of their homes and their business are barely staying afloat with rising property taxes. Senate Bill 2 (by Chairman Paul Bettencourt) recognizes the obvious, that taxpayers cannot take it anymore. Property taxes are rising two to three times faster than Texans' ability to pay.

The Texas Senate has passed Senate Bill 2, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2019.

Taxpayers in Dallas have been crushed with an average 55% increase on their property tax bills in just five years with a 15% increase just this year. That is a pattern that is repeating all across the State.

SB 2 offers hope to Texans and as noted by Senator Flores it gives all Texans hope that they will get to keep their little piece of the Texas sky.

Read Senate Bill 2 here:
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Not sure I have a good handle on this. Businesses are paying taxes that they pass on to their customers. Homeowners are paying taxes, mostly school taxes, of which teachers are getting a very small part. So, the legislation is going to lower those taxes by increasing sales taxes so that everyone is paying these taxes, because the legislators can’t seem to figure out how to give less money to people throw it away or don’t deserve it in the first place. (Pause for breath.) This is either very close to what the socialists are spouting, or some of that new math that none understands anyway. (Scratching my head)

Definition of Relief: removal or lightening of something oppressive, painful, or distressing .... So no “relief” just permission to go up a certain amount on property taxes every year without public vote. 😡

Legalize Marijuana and save millions of tax dollars, won't need to raise home taxes

Nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Presidio county has been doubling and tripling theirs since 2013. Highway robbery

I have a special religious liberty message for the Easter Weekend. I am proud of all my 19 Republican Collegues that voted to provide Texas license holders some protection for deeply help religious beliefs.

We were joined by Senator Lucio (D-Brownsville) as well because this common sense law is supported by the vast majority of Texans. Discrimination should not apply to any person in Texas in the 21st Century!

Speaking in favor, elegantly, is Senate Bill 17 author, Senator Perry (R-Lubbock) as well as Senators Paxton (R-McKinney) and Hancock (R-North Richland Hills). Listen to them now and read more about the bill here:

Chair Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston)
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Mark does Kati likes Margaritas let me know

Will never trust a Democrat! They lie.

Good idea. Wish you folks felt as strongly about the 2nd Amendment. But the caucus is clueless and stupid when it comes to representing those that elected you. Caring only about business special interests.

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