Texas Senate GOP Caucus Supports Senator Perry’s Bill to End Sanctuary Cities

February 1, 2017

AUSTIN – Today, members of the Texas Senate Republican Caucus met for a press conference to show their support for Senator Charles Perry’s (R-Lubbock) bill to end sanctuary cities across Texas.

Texas Senate GOP Chairman, Senator Paul Bettencourt, opened the conference stating the urgent need for such legislation. “There have been 210,000 criminal illegal aliens processed in Texas jails since June 1, 2011. These some 210,000 individuals have been charged with more than 559,000 crimes ranging from drug charges to sexual assault and up on to capital offences, including homicide.” Bettencourt added, “It is completely preposterous to allow any local government or official to ignore this reality in public safety.”

Senator Perry added the true need for the legislation. “Senate Bill 4 at its core principle is about the rule of law. Plain and simple,” he stated.

“The integrity of our civil and criminal justice system is built on the premise that it applies to everyone equally. When you undermine that by having individuals determine which laws they will enforce, we create a perception of a double standard that will weaken this nation,” said Senator Perry.

In addition, Senator Dawn Buckingham (R-Austin) filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 13 to call on sheriff’s offices in all 254 counties to comply with, honor and fulfill the requests included in a federal immigration detainer.

The press conference was held in preparation for tomorrow morning’s hearings on the bill in the State Affairs Committee. “We predict a large crowd and lengthy testimony relating to the bill,” mentioned Senator Bettencourt.

For video from the press conference, please click here.

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Tremendous victory tonight for Pete Flores who will become the 21st member of the Texas Senate Republican Caucus! This gives the Republicans in the Texas Senate a 2/3rds supermajority.

This victory shows the unified support from Texas Republicans all the way from US Senators Cruz and Cornyn, to Governor Abbott, to Lt. Governor Patrick, all 20 Texas Senate Republican Caucus members and many others. Despite what some pundits might say Republicans can win in 2018!

Texas Senate Republican Caucus Chair Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) added: "With no straight ticket voting in 2020 I predict that Pete Flores can hold this seat in 2020."

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