SB 6 Hearing Alert: Chairman Bettencourt and SB 6 Author Kolkhorst debunk economic scare tactics

March 7, 2017

AUSTIN – During today’s hearing on the Texas Privacy Act (Senate Bill 6), Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) and the author of SB 6, Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham), debunked the economic scare tactics presented by opponents of the bill.

“The Texas Association of Business study is the most inaccurate study I have seen in my legislative career,” Chairman Bettencourt said. “This study was produced over a year before Senate Bill Six was introduced, based on a student project study, and used faulty data and research; it should have never been used as an authoritative reference. I call upon TAB, the media, and the public to reject using this so called ‘study’ as it is deeply flawed,” added Bettencourt.

  • “We find this study’s headlined figures, reached about 13 months ago, to be based on predicted or actual effects of discriminatory mandates in Arizona, Louisiana and Indiana that didn’t make it into law or were rescinded or softened.” – Politifact, 2/3/17
  • “We rate this claim Mostly False.” – Politifact, 2/3/17
  • Houston was named as one of the top metro areas for entrepreneurial growth in 2016.
  • Cvent (which provides software for meetings and events) ranked Houston in the top 20 U.S. cities for meeting destinations; Houston was ranked 19th in 2016, maintaining its 2015 ranking.
  • Texas Workforce Commission figures showed a 4.2% growth in the Leisure and Hospitality industry in the Houston metropolitan area from 2015 to 2016.
  • Since repeal of the HERO ordinance in Houston, the Final Four and Super Bowl were played there.


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Tremendous victory tonight for Pete Flores who will become the 21st member of the Texas Senate Republican Caucus! This gives the Republicans in the Texas Senate a 2/3rds supermajority.

This victory shows the unified support from Texas Republicans all the way from US Senators Cruz and Cornyn, to Governor Abbott, to Lt. Governor Patrick, all 20 Texas Senate Republican Caucus members and many others. Despite what some pundits might say Republicans can win in 2018!

Texas Senate Republican Caucus Chair Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) added: "With no straight ticket voting in 2020 I predict that Pete Flores can hold this seat in 2020."

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