Texas Senate Republican Caucus Stands United For Unanimous Budget & Answer Critics

April 5, 2017

AUSTIN – The Texas Senate Republican Caucus issued a letter to Texans explaining the perfectly appropriate transportation transfer in the Senate budget – a stance supported unanimously by the Texas Senate in a vote of 31-0. This transfer recognizes Texans 83% vote for the Transportation Proposition 7 ballot measure passed after the legislative session.

“We have passed a strong budget that allows Texas to live within her means,” said Senate Finance Chair Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound). “According to our own Texas Comptroller, you can’t calculate a year’s worth of sales tax data before the year is over. The Senate budget allows for the necessary calculations to be made in order to transfer the full funds to TXDOT and uphold our promise to the voters.”

Therefore, the determination of what to deposit cannot be made until 12 months of sales tax collections are analyzed. Collections run through August 31st of each year, allowing the transfer to take place each year in September after the end of the collection period.

“SB 1 rightly assumes that annual sales tax data will be evaluated in September 2019, and the transfer will occur accordingly. Despite how others have characterized it, this is common sense,” said Senate Transportation Chair Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville).

“The critics have it wrong. It is standard revenue accounting practices to collect payments, deposit and reconcile them next month,” stated Senate Republican Caucus Chair and former Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston).

For a complete statement of the Texas Senate GOP Caucus’ position please refer to the attached letter.

SB 1 Transportation Transfer Letter


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Tremendous victory tonight for Pete Flores who will become the 21st member of the Texas Senate Republican Caucus! This gives the Republicans in the Texas Senate a 2/3rds supermajority.

This victory shows the unified support from Texas Republicans all the way from US Senators Cruz and Cornyn, to Governor Abbott, to Lt. Governor Patrick, all 20 Texas Senate Republican Caucus members and many others. Despite what some pundits might say Republicans can win in 2018!

Texas Senate Republican Caucus Chair Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) added: "With no straight ticket voting in 2020 I predict that Pete Flores can hold this seat in 2020."

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