Texas Senate Republican Caucus Hails Passage of Senate Bill 23, the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, authored by Senator Lois Kolkhorst

April 9, 2019

All 19 Republican Senators voted to send Senate Bill 23 to the House and ensure that babies Born-Alive must be given every chance to live

 AUSTIN – Senate Bill 23, the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, authored by Senator Lois Kolkhorst passed the Senate 21-10 with all 19 Republican Senators voting for it. Senate Bill 23 would protect the rights of a living child born after an abortion. Any baby born in Texas is going to be respected as a human being. Where Washington D.C. has been unclear, the Texas Senate Republican Caucus is going to be very clear, we will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Senator Kolkhorst touched on some of the most important aspects of the bill, highlighting that, “Senate Bill 23 enhances the penalty for healthcare providers who do not provide care to babies born-alive from abortions to a 3rd degree felony.” In explaining the purpose of her bill, Senator Kolkhorst stated on the floor of the Senate that, “The goal of this bill is to protect children born-alive from an abortion.”

While national Democratic leaders have failed to support legislation, which protects the lives of innocent babies born-alive as a result of an abortion and while many Democrats have failed to unequivocally state that the ending of life after an abortion is morally wrong, the Texas Senate Republican Caucus has made clear that it will not stand for it. Senate Bill 23 incentivizes healthcare providers to render as much aid as possible to a child born-alive from an abortion, no matter the parents’ or healthcare providers’ opinion. Senator Kolkhorst reiterated to her democratic counterparts when pressed that, “SB 23 makes it acutely clear that a doctor must render aid to a baby born-alive from an abortion.

Opponents of the bill have tried to thwart passage by inaccurately contending that doctors would have to choose whether to render aid to an ailing mother vs. a born-alive child in this situation. This contention is simply false. As Senator Campbell noted during debate, “The amount of hands on deck is not the issue that this bill seeks to address.” Senator Paxton echoed Senator Campbell by reiterating that, “Any child who is born-alive from an abortion deserves our full attention and care. Thank you, Senator Kolkhorst, for making it very clear that we value life in Texas.

Chairman of the Caucus, Senator Paul Bettencourt, summed up the Texas Senate Republican Caucus’ position, “Simply put, if a baby is born alive, it should stay alive. Infanticide should never be an option.” The Texas Senate Republican Caucus is confident that this bill will ensure that healthcare providers, who in the past may have allowed a baby born-alive from an abortion to die without proper medical care, no longer do so. Senator Hall reflected the caucus’ sentiments when he said, “Killing a baby born-alive from an abortion or allowing it to die without proper care is pre-meditated capital murder.

The Caucus has also produced a video on SB 23, linked here:

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As Chairman of the Texas Senate Republican Caucus I want to recognize the finest group of Legislators in the United States. We're all proud of our accomplishments like Property Tax Reform and Relief, School Finance, School Safety, Hurricane Harvey Relief, Protecting Religious Liberty, Protecting Life, Securing Our Border, the Texas Budget and "Beer-To-Go."

These 18 Senators, under the leadership of Lt. Governor Patrick, enacted these conservative solutions to Texas' challenges for the betterment of all of Texas: Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury), Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway), Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels), Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), Pat Fallon (R-Prosper), Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton), Bob Hall (R-Edgewood), Kelly Hancock (R-North Richland Hills), Joan Huffman (R-Houston), Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola), Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham), Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound), Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville), Angela Paxton (R-McKinney), Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown), Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo) and Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood).

Hats off to our House colleagues and Speaker Bonnen, with the Governor able to sign these important Bill's this year.

If you want to see what really happened during the 86th legislative session, watch the video below and spread the word to all Republicans, and like-minded Conservatives, across the State of Texas.

Thank you,

Chairman Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston)
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Seniors should be exempt from all taxes completely we have already paid our share.

When we start educating children on reading writing basic arithmetic and instilling the knowledge that with mastery of these they can do anything they set their hearts to do can be accomplished, I'll be impressed.

What exactly is the Relief. I have not been informed.

you have a vivid imagination if you think anything you have done resembles tax reform

You restricted every entity on their ability to run their business but yourself. If you were in fact such guardians against tax increases why didn't you put the State under the same restrictions? If the threat of rising taxes are such a threat to our State why isn't the LARGEST TAX COLLECTOR NOT RESTRICTED! Seliger is the only one in Austin who actually sticks to the platform of local control. Every other one of you is a disgrace to the Republican party.

Sorry, but this legislative session was a horrible failure. A significant budget increase, no further limitations on abortion, no constitutional carry, no real property tax relief. Sorry, but the republicans failed us. I hope most of you are primaried, as we need real conservatives to represent Texas!

They say property tax relief but all they do is reevaluate the property and raise the value to increase the amount you pay

I Absolutely believe nothing Ya'll say.

School tax have always been insanely insanely high in texas they pride them selves on not having a state income tax but sometimes I wonder what the would be

Property tax reform? My taxes went up 10%; I appealed and was denied. In fact, everyone I talked to had a huge increase in taxes and all was denied a reduction. Although a lifelong republican, I may vote democrat in the next state elections.

Still forgot about the legislative priorities set out at convention the Alamo and monuments protection and hb 357 with a Republican controlled house there was no reason the prorites should have not been carried out .seems like the party kneeled down to the house speaker governor and Lt governor and kissed the ring

This texas legislation is a joke!! All this should have been delt with years ago! The texas lotto was created to help schools and veterans!! This year abbott and paxton passed a bill in texas senat to fund child protective services and fostercare 509 Million dollars that begins this year in 2019!!! Thats only to fostercare and child protective services!!!! Familys DO NOT stand a chance in these two family killing systems!!!!

Tax breaks for who my property taxes went up and my trailer home is falling apart but that disnt matter tax breaks fir golf courses i believe

I noticed something in common with a large amount of these post. They could have saved a lot of typing had they simply typed, "ME< ME>ME!"

Really, all I saw was tax cut to the rich and business while a property tax relief that was a joke. Lobbists getting more money and power in our state government, more public union empowerment, snubbing of constitutional carry, increased taxes, the left assault on our history and monuments went unencumbered, abortion still open, spending like drunken sailors, and free education and health care for illegals, and no updating of the voter registration rolls. I left CA to get away from this and now Texas looks like CA in 1990's and that's when the left's takeover began. Frankly it has me scared that all I did was buy time before I'm right back in the frying pan again.

Once again patting yourself on the back for a failed session. As someone already has said..."putting lipstick on a pig." WE ARE "STILL" GETTING TAXED OUT OF OUR HOMES"!

I think that you all have done an injustice for the people of Texas.

how do you plan to FUND all the ventures you are proud to endorse when there is no state income tax and now you cut the property do you make education BETTER when Texas has one of the WORST public school systems in the country???

And still no passing of legalized gambling casinos in texas,to create more jobs,training for younger people who may not get to go to college,a boost in the economy and revenue for our state.the state of texas needs to get off the fence on this.

Really?🤔 As a Republican I say this has been about the worst Session in a long time, the property tax relief is really nothing to brag about and folks will see that all in due time, what about the planks of Constitutional Carry, The Monument protection, that would have saved the Cenotaph and other monuments, and the list could go on, I don't get how y'all the TSRC and Legislative leaders keep trying to polish this turd of the 86th Legislative Session.

Nothing is free we the people pay for it always good job

Donna Campbell on any “finest group of legislators” is truly a sham. What a waste of space!

You really did nothing for the property tax for new home buyers. Most people living in apartments could afford a home if they did not have to pay $400 to $600 a month in property tax. Were dose all that money go ?

If Dan Patrick is leading it you can bet it will not help Texans. It will help the leaders of Empower Texas Coalition.

Seeing alot of supposed republicans,some comment on a lot are trolls others make sense completely but judge for our selves no dem will ever have Texas values anymore.Keep republicans in Congress in Tx but look at their past

Senate Bill 1978, the save "Chick fil-A Bill," authored by Senator Bryan Hughes (R - Mineola) would prevent a government or public entity from penalizing businesses for exercising their religious beliefs. This bill is essential after Chick-fil-A was barred from opening a location at the San Antonio Airport.

Chick-fil-A should not be punished for choosing to support certain religious organizations that align with their beliefs. Progressive liberals killed the Texas House companion bill, House Bill 3172, but Texas Senate Republicans will not allow the 86th Legislative Session to end without protecting the religious liberty of businesses and individuals.

Read the Bill here:
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It’s Freedom of Religion. If you don’t like their beliefs than don’t eat there. Simple as that. For the rest of us, we don’t mind waiting in long lines to get our delicious Chick-Fil-A 🐓🍟🇺🇸🍕

This was one of the very few good things y’all did this session. So, thank you for at least doing this. But very disappointed in both houses in the Texas Legislature, and Greg Abbott as well. Y’all are giving me very little reason to continue voting Republican. I am sick of voting Republican just because “well, he is better than the DemocRAT.” I’m starting to wonder if there is much of a difference.

On a personal note I dislike their food. I also think food needs available 24/7/365 at an airport. Based on our laws their hours of service are there’s to set. But airport patrons have a need for food when on the ground and during layovers. So either Chic Fil A either makes an exception for airport eateries, or airports pick someone that will.

And, from another angle, Chick-fil-A should not be rewarded for their financial support of racist, bigoted hate groups that agree with their "Christian" beliefs.

This isn't about Republicans and Democrats, it's about discrimination based on religious beliefs. That is, unless you support discrimination ?

Still won't give one penny to chick-fil-a. And choosing not to allow a business that brings controversy into an airport is not discrimination.. it good business

We are , ONE NATION UNDER ALMIGHTY GOD and is beautiful to see business with this religious spirit This business are so blessed.

Thank you Texas Senate. Vote out the Texas House of Representatives that voted against this bill. If “ chick fil a “ is still denied a permit then build very close to airport. The city will lose revenue. Because many people will patronize their business.

Chick-Fil--A is this most successful fast food chain out there right now. I really dont think they need government help. A couple of times they have been denied leases in venues that do a significant amount of their business on Sunday and thus want their patrons to have food available on Sunday. It is a contingency of the lease. Chick-fil-A chooses to not open on Sunday. Both are reasonable stances. Dont need government intervention. It is not religious persecution, it is a business dispute.

And now, perhaps as a result, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking into whether this is discrimination at the airport. The council had a chance to reconsider that decision but instead doubled down it. They will regret it soon!

2 problems with this approach. First, it ignores the fact that a 7-day-a-week airport probably needs a 7-day-a-week vendor to service its customers. Any business that closes on Sunday to give their employees a day off and time to go to church is to be applauded, but it has to take the consequences that go with that choice, and to do so without screaming "Persecution!" That goes for the loudmouths using this to make political hay in the Texas Legislature. The second problem is that, when a Muslim business wants to get a contract and also be closed for Friday prayers, this law will be used to let them do so. Either that, or those in control will hypocritically try to find a loophole to prevent them from doing so.

and the converse of this is that the san Antonio airport should not be forced to comply with chik-fil-a's beliefs if it's not their own.....

Texas, please continue to stand up to those who discriminate against other citizens, because they don’t agree.

Great now can you please Find a funding plan for our schools? Why didn't you cap the school portion of our PROPERTY TAX at 2.5 %?how come the teachers are not getting their 5000$ pay raise you all promised? Why can't you end the ROBINHOOD? Can you please tax something else to fund our schools? the 2 year plan you all came up with just kicks the can down the road!

It's discrimination pure and simple and there are already laws against it. If you don't like a business belief system then don't patronize that business.. but don't force your belief system on anyone else either and they are doing just that by not allowing CFA to open a location at the Airport.

Good now our 2nd Amendment rights are being embezzled by government. We need to show the same concerns for all our rights. Concealed Handgun permits are the embezzlement of the 2nd Amendment.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Just because your beliefs don’t align with a restaurant, you want to deny many others a good place to eat and there aren’t many of those in airports. Don’t like them, don’t shop there, I don’t mind.

Protect religious beliefs from the persecution of democrats!!! Always vote Republican!!!

Why are you filtering out replies? Since when do you decide which replies I deem relevant? FB has gone way too far!

People travel 24/7 so the airport needs a place for people to eat on Sundays. That is why they weren't chosen


Well, they can’t really keep them out since this airport accepts federal funds. So, the council man that started all this has got to come up with answers as why he didn’t check into that little fact.

I believe in one nation under GOD. But I believe I have the right to boycott because I believe the greatest command is to love.

Before you realize it our own government will be banning us who believe in God from life itself.

Thank you thank you chick fil. for standing up the

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