Texas Senate Republican Caucus Continues to Draw Attention to Crisis At Border

April 18, 2019


People continue to die crossing the border and are forced into sex slavery in the face of Congress’ refusal to act

Senators Cornyn, Cruz, and Lt. Governor Patrick all joined Senate Republican Caucus membership


AUSTIN – Yesterday afternoon the Texas Senate Republican Caucus held a joint press conference to again call attention to the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis at the border.  Caucus Chairman Bettencourt (R-Houston) opened the press conference by remarking, “The Texas Senate recognizes the obvious: there is both a humanitarian and a security crisis on the border.  United States Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joined the Caucus for this important announcement. Rather than a “manufactured crisis” as some have alleged, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R-Texas) highlighted the fact that as Congress continues to do nothing the situation has deteriorated on the Texas-Mexico international border. He said, “Since 2011 we have documentation of 1,761 dead migrants that we have recovered in Texas, many in Brooks County.”

The Department of Homeland Security has detained over 100,000 people at our border in just March alone.  Senator Cornyn asked at what number would those who refuse to act call this a crisis?  200,000?  250,000?  “I appreciate the Texas Senate stepping up and doing what Washington should be doing and I would call on our friends across the aisle to work with us to come up with solutions,” Senator Cornyn added.  “This is about solving problems.”  Senator Cruz continued, “In six months, nearly as many people have been apprehended at the border as ALL of the preceding year.”  He also highlighted the large amount of illegal drugs that have been seized at the border in just the last six months.

Recent news reports reveal undocumented women being beaten for disobeying smugglers, impregnated by strangers, coerced into prostitution, shackled to beds and trees, and bound with duct tape, rope, or handcuffs.  Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston), added, “I ask each and every one of you to stop and just think about a child who has braved what it must take to get through Mexico and the other Latin American countries in order to just get to the US border, what they must have gone through, do you think they weren’t possibly abused?

Over 100,000 migrants crossed our border illegally just last month, that is a crisis. The biggest threat that Texas faces is an unsecured border,” added Senator Campbell (R-New Braunfels), Chair of the Veterans Affairs and Border Security Committee. “Law enforcement is stretched thin and criminals are exploiting the situation for their own gain.

Customs and Border Protection has reported that the increase in migrant interdictions is resulting in up to 40 percent or more of CBP personnel working to care for, transport, and process vulnerable families and children, thus causing harm to the effectiveness of anti-smuggling and drug trafficking efforts.  Senator Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton), whose 19th State Senate district holds 464 miles of the border added, “We and our constituents are at our wits end. The border today is not the border of my youth… Cartels, criminals and drugs are infiltrating the backyards, ranches and farms of my constituents.

In the current biennium the Texas Legislature has allocated over $800 million to be spent on border security.  SR 535 passed by a vote of 19-12 in the Texas Senate along partisan lines declaring a crisis at the border.

Read the resolution here:
Watch the Caucus video here:

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Senate Bill 1978, the save "Chick fil-A Bill," authored by Senator Bryan Hughes (R - Mineola) would prevent a government or public entity from penalizing businesses for exercising their religious beliefs. This bill is essential after Chick-fil-A was barred from opening a location at the San Antonio Airport.

Chick-fil-A should not be punished for choosing to support certain religious organizations that align with their beliefs. Progressive liberals killed the Texas House companion bill, House Bill 3172, but Texas Senate Republicans will not allow the 86th Legislative Session to end without protecting the religious liberty of businesses and individuals.

Read the Bill here:
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We are , ONE NATION UNDER ALMIGHTY GOD and is beautiful to see business with this religious spirit This business are so blessed.

Chick-Fil--A is this most successful fast food chain out there right now. I really dont think they need government help. A couple of times they have been denied leases in venues that do a significant amount of their business on Sunday and thus want their patrons to have food available on Sunday. It is a contingency of the lease. Chick-fil-A chooses to not open on Sunday. Both are reasonable stances. Dont need government intervention. It is not religious persecution, it is a business dispute.

Thank you

These other groups are taking advantage of our wanting to do right.


Great now can you please Find a funding plan for our schools? Why didn't you cap the school portion of our PROPERTY TAX at 2.5 %?how come the teachers are not getting their 5000$ pay raise you all promised? Why can't you end the ROBINHOOD? Can you please tax something else to fund our schools? the 2 year plan you all came up with just kicks the can down the road!

Good now our 2nd Amendment rights are being embezzled by government. We need to show the same concerns for all our rights. Concealed Handgun permits are the embezzlement of the 2nd Amendment.

Common Sense is no longer the norm. We already have a law. Freedom of religion.


FAA is investigating it.

It's discrimination pure and simple and there are already laws against it. If you don't like a business belief system then don't patronize that business.. but don't force your belief system on anyone else either and they are doing just that by not allowing CFA to open a location at the Airport.

Government is going too far telling to whom a business can or cannot donate to. IMO

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Just because your beliefs don’t align with a restaurant, you want to deny many others a good place to eat and there aren’t many of those in airports. Don’t like them, don’t shop there, I don’t mind.

I don't go there anyway, sorry i just don't like their food.

Republicans are turning this country to communist

I agree!

Is the chicken from China???

What if they worshipped alah?

Why are you filtering out replies? Since when do you decide which replies I deem relevant? FB has gone way too far!

Everyone dose not like the queer agenda and they should not be penalized for telling the truth about the sinful life styles of others

To you people that don't like Chick-fil-A 🖕

Odd...ignorant politicians using their own personal biases to wrongly claim nonexistent bias. Grow the hell up!

Freedom of religion is why America was founded in the 1st place... Christians were being persecuted for not conforming to the Roman Catholic rule of religion under the law of England.

Quit pounding you chest the so called republicans didn't pass one of the Republican Party if Texas priorities. So far they've proven to be a bunch of closet Democrats

You fool.

Texas Senate Republicans are determined to overhaul School FInance before leaving Austin at the end of this legislative session.

The Committee Substitue to House Bill 3 reduces STAAR tests by eliminating the 4th and 7th grade writing tests. Instead, a few writing questions will be added to the existing reading test. CSHB 3 also includes no new Kindergarten testing in the bill and it does not increase passing standards. Students may still pass a STAAR test by ‘approaching grade level,’ a standard that is not changed in the bill.

CSHB 3 also expressly prohibits evaluating teacher performance and incentive pay based solely on STAAR test scores. CSHB 3 includes some outcomes-based funding related to 3rd grade reading levels but allows school districts to use local assessments for this purpose.

The Texas Senate knew that passing CSHB 3 would mean meaningful and realistic change. Instead of succumbing to fear and political inertia and led by Senator Larry Taylor (R - Friendswood), the Texas Senate finally, after decades of band-aides, was able to pass meaningful and long-lasting school finance reform.

Read the Bill here:
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Thank you for working so hard to do what you can. I look forward to the day when school is free market choices but until then any increase in freedoms and local control is a good step. Thank you!

Substitute Iowa Achievement Test for all tests except practice tests....just good teaching and tracking of individual progress in ALL subject areas.....COME ON!!! Its not that difficult!!

A positive step.

Let the teachers go back to teaching. Give the raise they so deserve.

So great at least you started seeing how STAAR testing is useless.. you’ve removed writing from two years of testing. Please consider that no two students are alike in how they learn. Standardized testing does not actually tell anyone anything about the learning that a child has made, especially when in some cases it’s been proven to test at two grade levels higher than the students are actually learning at. Currently because of the STAAR testing as well as the unrealistic education board of Texas children are learning concepts beyond their reach. For instance my first grader was learning Algebra 1 concepts in 1st grade. In K, 1, 2 students should be learning the building blocks for what they learn after 2 grade not having to sort through higher level concepts and ideas. 1 + 1 = is acceptable math for a first grader.. 1+ X = 10 what is X is not... Now that being said if you want to help financial reform for education do away with standardized teaching, start paying for supplies and other needs school districts have. Ensure ISDs in smaller more rural towns are able to pay a teacher an acceptable living wage allowing for decent teachers in those smaller schools and per and re-evaluate Texas TEKS to be age appropriate and I think you’ll have all the parents ears and will have done your only sole duty as the government of Texas.

Can you please pass meaningful School FINANCE REFORM? Pleas tax something else besides my PROPERTY to fund the schools THANKS!

I still believe that STARR testing is not worth the money that is spent on it. Schools could use that money for more things that would improve the actual teaching curriculum. Please rethink this!

Those tests are about stamina , they should reduce the number os stories in the tests, if a child can read and understand they don't need 5 or six long boring stories or articles to prove they can read and comprehand.

I'd rather pay a little more at the gas pump or on sales tax than see Texans homes taken away because they can't afford these outrageous school district tax increases. And stop the BS that taxes aren't being increased. Appraised value increase = Property Tax Increase! Many of those losing their homes don't even have school aged children.

I agree, get rid of STARR TEST. Back to basics, ie reading, writing (cursive), arithmetic, homemaking, VOE, shop, etc!!

How about eliminating school taxes to seniors over 60 yrs old!!

There is no such thing as property tax reduction! Any money saved on property taxes will be collected from you thru some other tax or fee! You cannot reduce total taxation without reducing spending! Do not let any politician tell you differently!

Stop over taxing me. Stop it stop it stop it.

Get the legislature out of the classroom, stop STAAR now, let the teachers teach!! Legislators taking the STAAR is a good idea! No pass resign!!!!!!

Politicians need to take a huge pay cut just like everyone else that relies on federal and state monies

Get rid of STAAR testing. It’s a meaningless test that interferes with teaching students and students learning.

Do away with government involved education. Politicians are controlled by the highest bidder, not what's good for the country!

Get rid of the test altogether

I’d like to see it all gone. Let teachers teach. Let kids learn.

I’d like to see it all gone. Let teachers teach. Let kids learn.

Get rid of testing period , not right to have it let the teachers teach.

Removing writing an essay in 4th and 7th grades? Replacing with several questions that merely require a short paragraph? Wow! Standards just keep going down.

Yeah well how much lottery money ate you using....that was supposed to be a tax reducer. BS. .Beurocratic Scam!

Do away with STAAR testing altogether.

Doesn't appear Starr testing helps. Waste of money and time. Dreadful for these children to be stressed out. Go back to basics

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